dan and phil

i plan on putting random things to do with dan & phil here. anything from random thoughts i have about them to me ranting about a new video or something :^)

Sept 1st 2021 12:38am

i just finished watching the monster pops halloween baking video & felt the need to release some thoughts i had while watching it. firstly, you may be thinking- edey why are you watching a halloween baking video already it's not close enough to spooky season yet and you are right. i watched it because i am weak and flawed. i have a whole dnp halloween themed playlist ready to go for spooky season and it has like 38 videos in it in total so i want to start watching halloween themed viddys when september is almost over so i can watch at least one dnp halloween themed video a day :p i know, i'm a genius. anyway, what was going through my mind while watching them today was that i miss them lol. i really would like a joint halloween themed viddy this year whether it be baking, pumpkin carving, or something else. also phil viddy sometime this week!! exciting!! also phil project is a show???? help@me?? and it's a dan and phil thing-like a dan and phil show that's been filmed in the north and is being edited by some big crew and not phil? hello? i'm so excited to see what it will be!!