hi hi hello! my name is edey! i'm 17 years old and i use she/her pronouns! :^)

i have just created this little safe space mostly for myself. if you are a friend or a mutual, hello! this is also meant for your eyes too and i haven't any problem with you reading :D

a bit more about me- i am a true virgo who lives in Washington State (i really like living here, i enjoy the pnw and wouldn't really consider living anywhere else other than Washington or Oregon. who knows where life will take me in the years to come though!) at the time of me writing this, i will be going into my senior year of high school in a week actually. nervous mostly, just eager to graduate and get started with the next part of my life. i don't have lots of "hobbies" really; i just have things that i like. i like to read, i like to listen to music all. the. time. i am always listening to music!! as i type this out i am listening to Jaden- "Our Psychedelic Love Story" is the song if you were curious :p i plan on listing my favorite artists somewhere on this website. i also like to create things! i never thought of myself as a super creative type of person but in the last year, i have just had a urge to create and try new things. a big inspiration for me is summer- i just really take inspiration from them and i admire how creative summer is. one thing i really want to try and do in the future is to make YouTube videos. i've been trying to slowly work towards getting there so hopefully that's something that can happen in the future!

for me, knowing how to express myself is a bit challenging as i've never really been fully able to be truly authenticlly myself throughout my life. i have a not-so-nice-at-all step-dad who has prevented me from being able to find myself basically all my life which really sucks not going to lie but i don't want to break out the sad music or anything because this space is for happiness. but yes, just know that i don't feel like i truly know who i am and struggle with it a bit. ;-;

more info!

likes : airports!! flowers, picnics, stars, sunsets, quotes, early mornings, cooking/baking, reading, nostalgic games, candles, posters, cd's!!, string lights, plushies, pastel colors, plants, spongebob, city living, cats!!, minimalism, pictures, doodling, crafting things, vinyls, cheese pizza, pickles!!, disneyland, the beach.

dislikes : homophobia, ableism, over-controlling people, yardwork (picking weeds is the bane of my existence!!), unappreciative people, the list goes on.

youtube : Dan & Phil!, Colleen Ballinger, Emma Chamberlain, Jessica-Kellgren-Fozard, sumr, Socially Awkward Cosplay, Safiya Nygaard.

bands/artists : Jaden, MUSE, Tyler, The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Bo Burnham, Taylor Swift, WILLOW, My Chemical Romance, Lil Nas X.